I never thought a photo of me breastfeeding my newborn would be labelled as "pornographic content". I was shocked and offended when Instagram not only remove the photo celebrating my natural connection with my child, notify me that my post violates their guidelines, but also not to be able to appeal or get an explanation of how a photo of a mother and her baby (with no full nudity involved) could be deemed "pornographic". I tried to reach out to Instagram because I was very distressed, this only lead to more frustration.
While I was taking part in the protests in Barcelona. I was using Twitter to report on police violence and as a source for safety information.  We were using Twitter to report on blocked streets, alleys with violent far right groups, and excessive police brutality. One night I saw a sexist and degrading tweet from an Egyptian politician targeting Lebanese and Yeminite women protestors. I responded in Arabic to the offensive tweet with a commonly-used and socially-accepted insult (معرص) “pimp”. As a result, Twitter suspended my account for 7 days. Not only did they punish me while keeping the offensive tweet up, they did this in the middle of protests when I needed to report on what I was witnessing and find out information and communicate with other users. (October 2019)

“Silenced Net: The Chilling Effect among Palestinian Youth in Social Media”

March 2, 2020

Research report by 7amleh originally posted on 2oth October, 2019 According to a new research report, “Silenced Net: The Chilling Effect among Palestinian Youth in Social Media,” the current legal, political and social environment is having a significant impact on the political activity of Palestinian youth on the internet. Many young Palestinians have had their […]

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Content Moderation is Broken. Let Us Count the Ways.

December 27, 2019

Originally posted on EFF written by Jillian C. York and Corynne McSherry Social media platforms regularly engage in “content moderation”—the depublication, downranking, and sometimes outright censorship of information and/or user accounts from social media and other digital platforms, usually based on an alleged violation of a platform’s “community standards” policy. In recent years, this practice […]

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