How to Appeal

May 4, 2020

In this section you can learn how to appeal the decision regarding the removal of your content or the suspension of your account. Please note that some platforms often change this information and how to get there, we will try our best to keep this updated.

One important thing to know, is that all platforms provide users with an “appeal” or “review” link in the suspension or takedown notice. Once you receive a message from the platform regarding the suspension of your account, or the takedown of a piece of content. Look for the appeal/review link in the message you receive, and always remember to take a screenshot of the message and the piece of content in question.

How can I appeal?

Facebook    /  Twitter  /  Whatsapp / YouTube / Instagram / TikTok (coming soon) / WeChat (coming soon) / VK (coming soon)/ LiveJournal (coming soon)


My Appeal was denied, what can I do?

In the case of your appeal being denied, there is no much you can do with the platforms. It is important to remember that though some of the content removed does violate the guidelines of the platforms – private corporations with their set rules and interests; there are many reports of content that was taken down without a clear or justifiable ethical violation. Understanding the personal frustration, this is a much bigger and wider problem that affects a wide array of individuals, groups and communities worldwide. This is why the work of Silenced Online and other groups and organizations active on the issue of content takedown is needed and dependent on your reports. Many groups including this platform are working hard to better map, understand and unpack the content takedown policies and their enforcement; and working for better content moderation policies and


that don’t infringe on the basic rights of users and communities to participate in the public debate and express themselves freely and openly.



How to appeal on Facebook

Facebook provides different methods depending on the decision you are appealing.

Removed content

In the case of your content being removed, you should receive a message from Facebook notifying you about the post that was removed and the reason behind it. In that message you should have a link to appeal or review the decision. Please remember to take a screenshot of the notification and of the content in question. This is helpful information to keep track of how Facebook is carrying out content takedown on their platform.

Once your appeal has been considered, Facebook doesn’t provide further explanation regarding their decision and there is no way to further appeal or challenge the second decision.

Suspended Account

Similar to removed content, users receive a notification message that includes the appeal link.

Furthermore, Facebook provides another route which includes submitting one’s ID card. We recommend considering the pros and cons of submitting

your personal

identification card to Facebook. To appeal using this method, please click here

How to appeal on Twitter

Unlike other platforms, Twitter uses different types of penalties when it comes to what they believe to be a violation of their guidelines.  This can vary from suspending an account temporarily or permanently or locking the user in a limited passive-participation where one can read tweets and messages but can’t interact except in direct messages. Twitter also can opt to ask a user to delete the post under an ultimatum, or restrict access to the tweet from a certain country. It reported that temporary suspension can be incremental depending on the repetitive Twitter-defined offense by the user.

Removed content

Just like Facebook, when a tweet is deleted – or when a user is asked to remove a tweet, Twitter includes an “appeal” link. Please remember to take a screenshot of the notification and of the content in question. This is helpful information to keep track of how Facebook is carrying out content takedown on their platform.

Suspended Account

In the case of a suspended account, Twitter


an appeal form, which users are invited to fill in.

How to appeal on WhatsApp

Despite WhatsApp stating that they only use a “temporary ban” when a third-party app is being used, there have been reports from users who had their accounts banned temporarily. WhatsApp still hasn’t addressed the issue nor there has been sufficient research and documentation around it. But here we are!

In the case that your WhatsApp


was banned, WhatsApp recommends contacting their Support Team, or to register under a new phone number – when and if is possible.

How to appeal on YouTube

Google owned YouTube is known to rarely reinstate a video after it has been removed. Content takedown on YouTube can take different forms:

  • Removal of the piece of content (video)
  • Freezing the activity of the user/channel – check the strike system below.
  • Termination of the YouTube channel or the account
  • Muting the audio in a video (mostly due to copyright infringement)
  • Geographical restriction in the distribution of the content

Removed video

Just like other platforms, when YouTube notifies a user of a removed content, they include an appeal link with it. Please remember that YouTube is not a safe place to use as an archive for your material. Always keep a backup copy somewhere safe.

YouTube works with “strikes” especially when it comes to copyright infringement, and these strikes have a penality system. Users can see how many strikes once they log in into their account and look at the videos of their channel in the YouTube Studio (formerly known as Creator Studio). You can also do this by logging in to their account, clicking on their user icon on the top right corner ⇒ your channel ⇒ Youtube studio (top right) ⇒ Videos (left hand menu) ⇒ Filter ⇒ choose Copyright Claims

To appeal a strike, you need to be logged in to the account in question, with the concerned channel. Then you can visit this link and fill in the form

The strikes can mean different things, according to Google, the following penalty system is in place:

  • First strike
    If we find your content doesn’t follow our policies for a second time, you’ll get a strike.
    This means you won’t be able to do the following for one week:
    Upload videos, live streams, or stories
    Create custom thumbnails or Community posts
    Created, edit, or add collaborators to playlists
    Add or remove playlists from the watch page using the “Save” button
    Full privileges will be restored automatically after the 1-week period, but your strike will remain on your channel for 90 days.
  • Second strike
    If you get a second strike within the same 90-day period as your first strike, you will not be able to post content for 2 weeks. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after the 2-week period, but each strike expires 90 days from the time it was issued.
  • Third strike
    Three strikes in the same 90-day period will result in your channel being permanently removed from YouTube. Also, note that each strike expires in 90 days from the time it’s issued and that deleting the content will not remove your strike.

Suspended account or terminated channel

In case of a suspended account (terminated channel), Google provides users with this link. You need to be logged in to your Google account associated with the channel.


How to appeal on Instagram

Facebook owned Instagram includes the link for an appeal in the notification/message sent to users regarding the deleted content or the suspended account. Regarding deleted content, you can only do that via the link sent to your in the notification. But when it comes to a deleted account, you can follow this link or simply try to log in to your account and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to appeal on TikTok


How to appeal on VK


How to appeal on LiveJournal